Gourmet Tapenade Sliders

If you’ve had a chance to come to one of our tasting at Surfas you’ve probably tried our tapenade sliders. A combination of American Kobe beef, Chipotle Olive Tapenade and some Tronchon cheese, a semi-soft cheese made from blended cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk originating in Spain. Definitely a favorite among both the customers and the employees at Surfas, here’s the recipe.

1.5 lbs American Kobe ground beef or your favorite ground meat
1/2 jar All Spice Cafe’s Chipotle Olive Tapenade
5 oz Tronchon cheese finely chopped

Combine all 3 ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Form 1½ – 2″ sized meatballs. When ready to cook, flatten the slider and place on a grill at medium heat approx 4 min on each side.

Serve on a small roll or a couple of slices of baguette.

For an extra treat place a dollup of All Spice Cafe’s new Jolokiberry Jam on top.

Chipotle Tapenade Slider on the grill

Chipotle Tapenade Slider

Tapenade Slider with JolokiBerry Jam topping

Tapenade Slider with Jam