Jolokia Cocokia

This spicy cocoa recipe is DELiCiOUS either hot or over ice. Makes a great coffee substitute for those who appreciate a little extra *zing!*

This recipe was sent in to us, courtesy of PeskiPix of Studio City, CA.

• 1/4 cup Tupelo honey or 2 Tbsp brown sugar
• 3 heaping Tbsp Trader Joe’s or Dagoba organic 100% cocoa powder
Ghost Pepper Adobo Rub with Jolokia Ghost Pepper — a pinch for the timid to 1/2 tsp (or more)
• 11 oz nearly boiling water (low cal) or scalded milk
• ice and/or cinnamon (optional)

In a 12 coffee mug, pour 1/4 cup honey or 2 Tbsp brown sugar. Throughly mix cocoa powder and Jolokia spice powder separately, then add to honey or sugar. Top with very hot water or scalded milk and stir well. For an iced version, add a dash of cinnamon before pouring over ice in a separate mug or glass.

Optionally, try using Ghost Pepper Jerk Rub in place of the Ghost Adobo Rub.

Tasty yummers!!

Note: additional stirring or swirling may be required during beverage consumption as the cocoa tends to settle a bit over time …