George Lopez has a big heart, and a loving fondness for All Spice Cafe Hot Sauces.

After winning a gift box of All Spice Cafe Caribbean Spice, Chipotle Garlic and Cayenne Habanero hot sauces at a National Kidney Foundation event a few years ago, George loved them so much he personally requested to have All Spice Cafe participate in an upcoming George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic.

As a kidney transplant recipient and past spokesperson for the National Kidney Foundation, George started the George Lopez Foundation to create positive, permanent change for underprivileged children, adults and military families confronting challenges in education and health as well as increasing community awareness about kidney disease and organ donation.

George Lopez is a very generous man, especially when it comes to helping out other kidney patients and people in need. In fact, when JD was at the show, George offered to help pay for the kidney transplant of another guest visiting from Mexico after a very emotional conversation.

Thank you George for all you do!

JD Cowles backstage at the George Lopez Show

JD Cowles backstage at the George Lopez Show

Photo: JD Cowles backstage at the George Lopez Show, Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, CA