Happy New Year!

First things first, a huge Thank You for a great 2009! Over 60 stores and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada are now carrying All Spice Cafe products (see our Buy Page). The online store saw a lot of orders throughout the year, especially around the holidays. The holiday gift boxes were a big hit, so big, we ran out of them about 2 weeks before Christmas.

This year All Spice Cafe will be giving away 1 item every Monday for all of 2010. To be in the drawing you need to be a Fan on facebook, a Follower on twitter, or have a login on our online store. To better your chances why not all 3: be a Fan, a Follower AND have a login? We’ll rotate the lists each week starting with the fb fans, the next week will be twitter followers and the third week will be for the online store. Once a name has been picked, the winner will be contacted by email asking which product they would like and where it should be sent. Seems pretty simple! See the details and follow along throughout the year here.

Here’s hoping for an even better year in 2010!

new year hat '10

New Year Hat '10

Give Away Monday

Give Away Monday