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About 5 years ago, Registered Dietitian Ashley Koff found our products and loved their taste and ingredients/nutrition information. Since then we have given Ashley and her team samples to share with their clients. Ashley and team also do something called AKA Craft Services Makeover, where they work with Craft Services (on-set food services for film, television, or video production) helping them provide healthier choices when feeding the cast & crew.

One recent project was with a CurrentTV production called Bar Karma. We provided several of our gourmet hot sauces to their Craft Services during the production of the show.

We received a very nice Thank You note from the Bar Karma crew and we wanted to share part of it here…

We here at the Bar Karma set, along with the entire Five Alts Productions staff, would like to extend a big thanks to you guys over at All Spice. Being a part of and, more importantly, taking care of a film cast or crew can be a pretty difficult task. With myriad different allergies, dietary restrictions, and pallets it can become increasingly stressful to properly provide for everyone. You name it and we’ve got it: vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, organic-obsessives, and crazy tree-hugging recyclers. So it is for this very reason, in addition to the fact that our taste buds are shouting a big “thanks!” too…

It’s always great to hear that our products are well liked and this is especially nice to hear, coming from the production crew of a show. We at All Spice Cafe have a background in the film/video production industry and know how the long, long hours can be and that the Craft can make or break a long day or project. We’re glad that the diverse crew was satisfied.

Big Thanks to the whole AKA Makeover team for supporting our products and helping show people that healthier choices don’t have to be bland.

Ashley Koff Approved Craft Services Makeover

Ashley Koff Approved

Bar Karma on CurrentTV

Bar Karma on CurrentTV



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  1. Mike L.

    As a registered dietitian, I think its very important to guide patients and recommend specific products. Really appreciate the insight, great article.

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