Recent mentions on food blogs

After sharing samples of our sauces at the Foodbuzz Blogger Event we have received a few nice mentions and photos on a few food related blogs.

Life with Lindsay is a blogger in San Francisco and she is sending us the recipes of what she does with our sauces. The 1st recipe she does is Prosciutto Wrapped Scallop Skewers. Update: the 2nd recipe is Habanero Macaroni Poppers! Update2: and the 3rd recipe is Chipotle Garlic Grilled Turkey & Cheese Sandwich.

The Food Addicts are from the L.A. area and we’re just getting in contact with them. We really appreciate the photos they they posted in their review of the event.

And doing a quick search, we found mentions of us on Two Boos Who Eat, Brownies for Dinner, and Steph Chows.

Thanks to all the great Bloggers out there who show us some hot sauce love!