Scott Roberts review of Jolokia Ghost Pepper Sauce

Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts, of, recently did an in-depth review of our Jolokia Ghost Pepper Sauce. Scott is well known in the ChileHead & BBQ community for giving thorough and no-holds-barred reviews. He tells it like it is.

Scott does another of his straight-up, honest, and in-depth reviews, where he covers Aroma, Appearance, Texture, Taste, Heat, and Label.

Here is an excerpt from his review:

Taste Straight Up:
4 out of 5. After the initial tangy vinegar jab, a “wall of peppers” rushed at me and knocked me down. I got the base flavor (and quick, medium-level heat) of the cayenne in unison with the smooth character provided by the canola oil. Then a blistering assault from the habaneros and smoked bhut jolokias jumped out and scorched my tongue. It was followed up straight away by an additional offering of twang and pungency along with a rich (and almost sweet) flavor.

The first sentence above has to be one of the best quotes we have ever heard. A “wall of peppers” rushed at me and knocked me down. What a great visual!

For Scott’s complete review and analysis, visit his site to see what he has to say.

We’d like to thank Scott for all the great work he does for the ChileHead community.