We love getting emails like this

Every so often we will get an email that just makes us smile…

Subject: Kudos
Sent: Wed, Jun 20, 2012 3:57:28 AM


Just wanted to let you know that your Sweet Ghost Pepper Candied Popcorn is one of the best things I have ever eaten – the sweet and the spicy all rolled into one. Even the first bite is so hot you think you can’t possibly keep going, but it tastes so good that you have to eat another piece. And another. Kind of like getting the insane jungle curry at Jitlada. My husband and I will be looking for this in our local stores all the time now (we initially found it at the Atwater Village General Store).


You can find our Ghost Pepper Caramel Popcorn at Atwater Village Farm as well as many other retail locations. And if you haven’t been, go to Jitlada and get some delicious fiery dishes!

Sweet Ghost Pepper Candied (Caramel) Popcorn

Ghost Pepper Candied Popcorn

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