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Hollywood Reporter Q&A – THR’s Taste Test

What started as a casual conversation on Hollywood Blvd. at the #VFXprotest during the 2013 Oscar Awards Presentation, has ended up as a Q&A in The Hollywood Reporter‘s Taste Test series.

Read the full article on The Hollywood Reporter site.

THR's Taste Test

THR’s Taste Test


VFX Solidarity

Hollywood Reporter 5/2/13
Learn more about the current state of the Visual Effects (VFX) working environment at VFX Solidarity International.

Venice Entrepreneur – Spotlight on All Spice Cafe and JD Cowles

Venice Entrepreneur

Venice Entrepreneur

Recently Carly and Katie from Venice Entrepreneur came by Surfas in Culver City when we were doing a grilling and BBQ demo on the front patio, to interview us and get a taste of our fiery sauces.

Matthew Burgess started Venice Entrepreneur (VeniceEntrepreneur.com) to give something back to the community. “My hope is that I’ll have some time to write about the entrepreneurs of Venice, CA and highlight their good work.” Continue reading

JD Talks with James Beck of SpicyRV

For this year’s Fiery Foods and BBQ Show, a group of guys from Houston Texas got together and made a road trip out of it, in what was called the SpicyRV. Along the way, they blogged, tweeted, and videoed their adventures, then once at the Show they did live-streaming talks with a bunch of folks in the fiery foods industry.

Here is the talk that James Beck of EatMoreHeat.com had with JD. And as they say, “We now join the scheduled program, already in progress…”

video by Media975

These guys did an awesome job of giving those who couldn’t be at the Fiery Foods & BBQ Show a little peek into the event. They also gave the vendors and manufacturers some added exposure and a voice to the world.

So a HUGE Thank You to the crew of the SpicyRV and especially for EatMoreHeat in front of the camera and Media975 behind the camera. We all can’t wait for the next SpicyRV adventure and rumor has it that we might not have too long to wait.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show and all our friends and family for giving us all the love and support. See you next year in Albuquerque, if not sooner!