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Piña Serrano Sauce


Piña Serrano Sauce – Mild – Piña Serrano Sauce is the mildest entry to our line of Gourmet Fiery Foods.
This sauce gets its roots from a pineapple salsa that combined fresh, juicy pineapple, serrano peppers, sweet onion, cilantro and a mild heat that’s oh so delicious!
Try our Piña Serrano Sauce in your favorite soups and stews as well as on your favorite sandwiches and just about anything looking for a little heat.
Here is a recipe that uses Piña Serrano Sauce (link)
Caribbean Spice Sauce


Caribbean Spice Sauce – Mild – Caribbean Spice Sauce is a perfect mix of flavor and heat. There is a hint of jerk seasonings, including allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic, and onion. It’s the perfect addition to chicken, pork, seafood, even add it to eggs.
2007 Scovie Award Winner for 1st Place in the Caribbean category and 2009 Scovie Award winner in the Cook It Up Jerk Seasoning category. Chile Pepper Magazine’s 2008 Fiery Food Challenge Winner for 2nd Place in the Caribbean-Style category and a 1st Place Golden Chile at the 2009 Fiery Food Challenge. 1st Place winner at The Hot Pepper Awards.
Here are some recipes that use Caribbean Spice Sauce (link)
Chipotle Garlic Sauce


Chipotle Garlic Sauce – Chipotle Garlic Sauce is an overwhelming favorite and best seller. Great as a grilling sauce, as a dipping sauce or as a marinade.
Put it on your omelette or in your taquitos. See our recipe for Tri-Tip Marinade.
Chile Pepper Magazine’s Fiery Food Challenge Winner for 3rd Place in the Chipotle category. 3rd Place Scovie Award in the Hot Sauce – Speciality Chile category.
Here are some recipes that use Chipotle Garlic Sauce (link)
Cayenne Habanero Hot Sauce


Cayenne Habanero – Cayenne Habanero Sauce got it’s start as a hot wing sauce, but that perfect flavor has been used on everything from popcorn to pasta sauce, as well as a marinade for chicken or steak, and even added to Ranch Dressing.
Scovie Award Winner for 2nd and 3rd Place in the Hot Sauce – Habanero category, as well as a 3rd Place in the Hot Sauce – Louisiana Style category.
Here are some recipes that use Cayenne Habanero Sauce (link)
Jolokia Ghost Pepper Sauce


Jolokia Ghost Pepper Sauce – The Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper is one of the World’s Hottest Peppers and following in our tradition of making very flavorful sauces, we came up with an Extreme Heat sauce that has a similar flavor profile to our Cayenne Habanero sauces, but with the slight smoky flavor of the Ghost Pepper and with its fiery heat.
We didn’t want an over-the-top sauce that was just hot for the sake of being super hot, but we wanted a sauce that had some really great flavor and could be used in many different ways, from making classic Buffalo style hot wings, to adding a kick to a Bloody Mary or marinara sauce, to just a sauce you would pour on anything that you wanted an extra kick.

Here are some recipes that use Ghost Pepper Sauce (link)

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